Cloud service for smart buildings

My team and I researched, designed and implemented a prototype Cloud service enabling buildings to provision automation systems on-demand from the Microsoft Azure platform. We also created a report containing our research into the problem, specifications and prototype details that can be made available upon request. The project was awarded for Excellence in Engineering Design by Ryerson University.

Report excerpt

Problem Statement

Building automation solves many issues in managing commercial and residential buildings such as improving energy efficiency, security, and safety. However, it is possible to take this one-step further by integrating these systems with a cloud infrastructure.


Designing and developing a software platform that is deployed in a cloud, which will provide infrastructure and services to building users of multiple categories. This will allow anyone with privileged accessed to monitor, and control, the building remotely and ideally, in our implementation, from any platform, including most mobile devices offering much greater flexibility and more effective management of buildings. In the current modern age, where phones and tablets are ubiquitous, this seems a natural evolutionary step in building automation.