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Terminal/Console Choices on Windows

As the steam picks up on Windows 10 becoming the operating system developers can return to building on, there’s a hump that needs to be overcome. What console should we use?


Hanselman blogged about console2 back in 2011 with a bit of sadness that the native Windows command prompt hasn’t seen much love in a long time. While console2 still remains a lightweight alternative, the Windows 10 command prompt promises to take charge.


cmder is what I use on my machines. Installation is quick, it looks and feels sleek and comes with msysgit if you pick full installation. It’s built on top of conemu so it’s very configurable. And it uses enhancements from clink using cmder makes it hard to miss Mac OS’s Terminal.


As a very active project, conemu takes the cake if you want a no-nonsense, highly configurable, Quake-style-able console emulator. Hanselman also blogged about its many features. If cmder didn’t look so sleek, I’d still be using conemu.


One of the newest kids on the block is babun. It takes some time to install but boy it’s packed with tools. It comes with pact, a package manager for Cygwin packages (finally) & a preconfigured Cygwin (without interfering with any existing installations). It’s possible to host a babun shell in conemu and cmder so that’s really handy. And probably the best thing to do right now since babun is still in its early stages.

That’s my list, enjoy building on Windows!